Photography and Podcast, Interview Questions

These are the questions that we used when we interviewed one of the Podcast and Photography group. This gives you more insight on what thy are doing in the groups and what Podcast and Photography is.

1. What is Podcasting? When you make a video out of pictures while talking at the same time.

2. What is Photography? When you have enough light to take pictures.

3. What do you do in this group? Make a script and interview each other.

4. What have you done with Podcast & Photography so far? Take pictures and make a Podcast.

5. Did you use any creativity in this group? Yes, we used creativity when we created our Podcast.

6. Do you like it? Yes, we do like it

We have long wondered about photography and what it is for. Today we got just a few answers. Pictures tell stories & when you look at the picture it is up to you to find out what it is telling. On a computer you can use your taken photos, put them together,and make a video. And the world with out photos or pictures would be so boring. We have not gotten information on podcasting but we will very and I mean very soon.                                                 

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